Beginners Guide to CSS Exam

Beginners Guide to CSS Exam


Beginners Guide to CSS Exam

When the new CSS aspirants think about the CSS or PMS exam preparation, they are always confused about where to start their journey. Now you are at the right place where you will get all the required information. In this beginners guide to CSS exam, you will be guided from starting point to the endpoint.

First of all, you should make up your mind that how much you have allocated time for CSS exam preparation. For Example, think that you have 6 months or 12 months to prepare for the CSS exam.

Choose Your Optional Subject CSS Exam

There are 12 subjects for the CSS exam. There are six compulsory subjects and also, there are six optional subjects.

Compulsory Subjects for CSS Exam

  1. English Essay
  2. English Precis and Composition
  3. General Science and Ability
  4. Current Affairs
  5. Pakistan Affairs
  6. Islamic Study

Optional Subjects for CSS Exams

Optional subjects for CSS Exams are divided into six groups in which there are 45 optional subjects, each carrying 100 or 200 marks.

You have to choose only 600 marks subject.

Click here to get all the required details about CSS Optional subject.

In addition to it, follow these steps.

  • Read English Newspapers, for example, Dawn News, Express News, The Washinton Post, etc to enhance your English Vocabulary, Current Affairs, and Pakistan Affairs on daily basis.
  • Learn English grammar basics and advanced courses by following recommended books.
  • Write one precis of any paragraph on daily basis.
  • Memorize English vocabulary on daily basis, at least three to five words a day.
  • Divide your total time allocated until the exam by the total number of topics of each subject. Each topic syllabus is available on this link.
  • Write notes on daily basis. Buy 12 Registers for notes taking, one register for each subject.
  • You should complete your task every day.
  • Make a timetable and strictly follow that timetable.
  • Avoid the distraction from Mobile Phones and TV and other things.

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Video Lectures Series

To watch, the best video lecture series on CSS subjects click on the below link.

Eligibility for CSS Exam



To know more about the eligibility criteria for CSS Exam, click on the below button. Therefore, you will all the required details.