Best Tips for CSS Exam in 2023

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Best Tips for CSS Exam

In this post, we have discussed the best tips for the CSS exam. These tips will be highly helpful to you in clearing the exam.

TIP#1: Write your own thoughts:

CSS is all about your unique analysis, opinions, and thoughts. Through the CSS, they select leaders who develop policy and present fresh and innovative ideas. To be selected as a leader, you must have your own independent opinions and the ability to express your thoughts in your own style.

You can study any number of available notes or books for CSS topics and consult as many sources as you like, but never copy and paste from such material. Chances are, you’ll end up using the exact same titles and terms that probably thousands of other candidates also used in their articles. Remember it might have worked for you during Matric/F.Sc exams but it will never work here because it’s the real deal. The FPSC does not want bums or people without opinions who do not have a mind to interpret the issues. In short, they recruit people, not copiers.

Before trying any test, put yourself in the examiner’s shoes and think: you have to go through thousands of tests to hundreds of tests a day and you only have to pass (say) 10% of the candidates out of those candidates. Cross? ? Would it be those who wrote the exact same stuffed headlines for a book by an author named ABC or would it be those who took the knowledge expressed in that book and expressed it in a different way by rephrasing the words in an interesting way and thinking? provocative style?

Be unique, creative, and original, and think outside the box…!!

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