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CSS Exam 2023: Current Affairs Syllabus and Study Plan

Preparing for the CSS Exam 2022? Stay up-to-date with the latest current affairs CSS syllabus and study plan to ace the exam. Check out this guide now!

If you’re planning to take the CSS Exam in 2022, it’s important to stay informed about current affairs. The exam covers a wide range of topics, including politics, economics, and international relations. This guide will provide you with the latest current affairs syllabus and study plan to help you prepare for the exam and succeed.

Introduction to CSS Exam 2023 and Current Affairs CSS Syllabus

The CSS Exam is a highly competitive exam that tests candidates on a wide range of subjects, including current affairs. The current affairs syllabus for the CSS Exam 2022 covers topics such as international relations, politics, economics, and social issues. It’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest news and events in these areas to prepare for the exam. This guide will provide you with a study plan and resources to help you succeed in the CSS Exam 2022.

Current Affairs CSS Syllabus in Details:

The syllabus of Current Affairs can be divided in the following parts.

Pakistan Domestic Affairs (20%)

  1. Political
  2. Economic
  3. Social

Pakistan External Affairs (40%)

  1. Pakistan’s relations with its Neighbors (India, China, Afghanistan, Russia)
  2. Pakistan’s relations with the Muslim World (Iran, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia,
  3. Turkey)
  4. Pakistan’s relations with the United States
  5. Pakistan’s relations with Regional and International Organizations (UN, SAARC,
  6. ECO, OIC, WTO, GCC)

General Issues (40%)

  1. International Security
  2. International Political Economy
  3. Human Rights
  4. Environment: Global Warming, Kyoto Protocol, Copenhagen Accord
  5. Population: world population trends, world population policies
  6. Terrorism and Counter Terrorism
  7. Global Energy Politics
  8. Nuclear Proliferation and Nuclear Security
  9. Nuclear Politics in South Asia
  10. International Trade (Doha Development Round and Bali Package)
  11. Cooperation and Competition in Arabian Sea, Indian and Pacific Oceans.
  12. Millennium Development Goals, Current Status
  13. Globalization
  14. Middle East Crisis
  15. Kashmir Issue
  16. Palestine Issue

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