In this article , you are going to find full detail about the CSS PMS Exam. The CSS Exam is a federal level exam while the PMS is a provincial based exam. Each province of Pakistan has its own PMS Exam. It is also known as the PCS exam. 


CSS Exam Stands For? What is CSS Exam Abbreviation?

CSS Exam Stands for Central Superior Services. In which, Central means federal, Superior means higher in rank and Services mean “helping or doing work for others”. This is a competitive exam. It is managed by FPSC. The FPSC stands for Federal Public Service Commission. For More Details about FPSC and CSS Exam, click the below link.

PMS Exam

The PMS Exam stands for Provincial Management Service. Each Province in Pakistan has its own PMS Exam and its provincial Governing and managing institute. These institutes conduct the PMS Exam in each province. 

The following are the four provincial governing bodies for the PMS Exam in each province.

  1. The KPPSC for KPK PMS.
  2. The PPSC for Punjab PMS.
  3. The SPSC for Sindh PMS.
  4. The BPSC for Balochistan PMS.

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